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Formerly known as Milo & Otis, Chicago-based alternative duo M&O are back with a new visual for “RUN!” off their recently released project, Almost Us.

My introduction to M&O came last year with the Chance The Rapper-assisted “Lift Up,” which remains one of my favorite songs in the past few years. Chance was the reason I gave the song a listen, but I remember being intrigued enough by M&O to purchase their recently released album, The Joy, which contained “Lift Up.”

The album was such an enjoyable – and unique – listen from top to bottom, and from there, I was hooked. Fast forward nearly two years, and the group has a shortened name but an elevated level of music. The Peter Campbell-directed video for “RUN!” is simple and elegant, focusing on Milo and Otis isolated in what looks like an empty barn in the middle of the night, making music with no other cares in the world. It’s a beautiful song that feels like it should be in a major motion picture, and if M&O continue down this path, I don’t think something like that is far off.

Watch the video above, and stay tuned for more.


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