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[New Music]: Notoriety – Outsiders

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Boston duo Notoriety returns triumphantly with its latest single, a smooth summertime jam called “Outsiders” off its forthcoming mixtape, The Ground Table.

Comprised of emcees Vydle Sinez and Incredible Chuck, Notoriety has been one of Boston’s most consistent acts over the course of the past several years, and unsurprisingly, the newly released “Outsiders” is essential listening. Backed by jazzy Blended Babies production, the record opens with Chuck floating melodically over the horns and drum claps: “If they test me today then I’m calm, if they stress me today then I’m strong.” Vydle adds his own contribution to bring the hook full circle leading into Chuck’s meticulously crafted verse. It’s witty, reflective and fueled by determination – a sure highlight of the five-minute cut. Both artists have uniquely compatible styles, and it certainly works here.

Stream the track below, and stay tuned for more details regarding the release of The Ground Table, a project that will include a feature from a Boston-based emcee on each track with the exception of “Outsiders.”


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