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[VIDEO]: Young Moe – Nothin Comes Easy

Virginia rapper Young Moe is prepping the release of his forthcoming project HumbleHustle3, and today, he gives the world a sneak preview with “Nothin Comes Easy.”

The new single and accompanying visual are hard-hitting and sentimental, the up-and-comer continuing to do what he does best and tell his story detailed with even the grittiest of details. Moe is a young, talented emcee who’s had to pave his own path and battle adversity since the very beginning of his journey, and he understands there are thousands of others in the same boat as him. Instead of masking reality with false appearances, Moe maintains a certain, admirable honesty all the way through. He’s a gifted storyteller as evidenced in the verses, and the VA native laces the track with a catchy and equally fitting hook to bring it all full circle: “I’ve been grinding, tryna make it out of public housing, violence, it’s hard to see me smiling, I’ve been been working all day long, grinding til it all pays off…”

Watch the video above, and stay tuned for much more.


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