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[New Music]: 21 ft. Jon Waltz – Save My Soul (Prod. by Nova)


I never knew much of anything about the Memphis hip-hop scene – I still don’t, really – but suddenly, I’m intrigued. A few weeks back I posted “Wildflower,” the latest from 18-year-old Jon Waltz, and today he returns, featured on a brand new record from fellow Memphis native 21.

“Save My Soul,” produced by Nova, is an excellent, intensely introspective cut. Backed by an emotive instrumental, 21 opens the track with his traditional formless flow, which straddles the line between Andre 3000 and pure spoken word (this is a good thing), creating a captivating effect in which every syllable hits sharply and his tone feels distinctly conversational. Both he and Waltz touch on the all-too-relatable feeling of being lost in the world, their verses shedding light on their own unique situations and the melodic hook bringing everything full circle:

“Sometimes I wake up and wonder if I was wrong, sometimes I wonder just what I should be afraid of, sometimes I think that I’ll be better off alone, sometimes I think that nobody can really save us, sometimes I wake up and wonder if I was wrong…”

Progression in any field of work – or life in general – often involves facing truths you don’t necessarily want to face, dealing with stressors you aren’t necessarily prepared to deal with and battling fleeting temptation to just escape it all. For many, music is the medium that reminds us there are others going through the same transitions we are, and that like those before us, we’ll make it through the adversity and uncertainty too. “Save My Soul” is one of those reminders.

Stream and download below, and stay tuned for more.


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