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[New Music]: Witty – Dinner For Two (Prod. by Dan Haynes)


One of the most exciting things about covering up-and-coming artists is witnessing their rise, paying attention to each step of their respective journeys and seeing firsthand that “overnight” success isn’t really overnight at all. Building a dedicated fan base takes time. It takes passion and dedication. It takes consistency too.

Witty is well on his way, and tonight’s release of the Dan Haynes-produced “Dinner For Two” is just the latest piece of evidence. The Connecticut-bred up-and-comer (who I went to middle school with once upon a time) is making tremendous strides, constantly developing his sound and elevating his introspective rhymes. He’s a gifted storyteller with a penchant for a catchy melody – the “Dinner For Two” hook is one of his strongest yet – and the heart-fueled bars reveal a certain vulnerability, one that we can all relate to on some level.

Witty is coming off the November release of his latest project, Kindest Regards, which still seems to be generating conversation and reaching new fans months later. It’s no secret why, though. Beyond the impressive music, the CT emcee may be one of the best when it comes to responding to fans on social media and thus building a community, one that (as a result) feels connected to him and his music beyond the surface level.

This song isn’t meant to be overanalyzed. It doesn’t need to be. It’s an emotive cut that can be as much an outlet for listeners as it is for Witty. Let the vibes sink in, and whether you connect with one line or the whole record, know that “Dinner For Two” is a sign of much bigger things to come. Stream below, and stay tuned for more.

“I’m tired of being used, so take me as I am, I don’t wanna lose, cause you know that if I’m eatin’ y’all are eatin’ too.”


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