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[VIDEO]: Allan Kingdom – Evergreens

Last week, Allan Kingdom released a 23-second trailer for “Evergreens.” It wasn’t much – just a brief teaser for a forthcoming video – but it was exciting. It felt different. Organic, per se.

Without warning, the full track and accompanying visuals have arrived, along with an official announcement from Allan that his Future Memoirs EP is on the way. I’m smiling as I get into this writeup because I believe I’m writing about one of the most promising artists on the planet. Someone whose sub-2,000 Twitter following will likely grow to 200,000 within a few years. And then maybe 2 million soon after that. There’s no ceiling in sight.

Allan is a 20-year-old Minnesota native, and “Evergreens” – co-produced by himself and Plain Pat – is his first major release since his outstanding and equally slept on Talk To Strangers project from last summer. If that introduced him as an alluring, quirky character largely shrouded in mystery, “Evergreens” is a brilliantly apt evolution. The talent was undeniable, but now it’s polished. The personality was developing, but now it seems built for the spotlight. Allan was isolated… and he still is, in a way. Though now he’s got an equally odd, eclectic cast of characters with him. It all makes sense. It’s perfectly imperfect.

Set in the Minneapolis woods amongst the evergreens, the Ben Hughes-produced video lets us a little deeper into Allan’s world, one that feels startlingly real and entirely imaginative all at once. He weaves an intricate web of rhymes while swinging from trees, dancing freely and gazing confidently into the camera assuring viewers that they’re looking into the future, without even having to explicitly say it. Allan raps, “And I been thought to get up with my dogs, I had to put ’em down cause they all got ticks, shed tears worth it cause my songs been popppin’, mama shook a couple hands with some Grammy-full fists,” summing up the life transition he’s going through on the road to greatness in one deft line.

“Evergreens” is powerful, it’s refreshing, but most of all, it’s human. It makes you feel something. Allan Kingdom will make you feel something for years to come. Watch the video above, and stay tuned for more. Future Memoirs is coming soon.

“Young prince in these evergreens, I be living out my dreams in these evergreens…”


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