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[VIDEO]: Travis Scott – Houston To Osaka (Japan Documentary)

Travis Scott recently went to Japan for a performance and spent some time in both Osaka and Tokyo during trip. Joining him was renowned filmmaker Uzi, who put together this incredibly dope documentary for Illroots detailing the journey.

It’s stylistic, minimal and perfectly representative of La Flame’s brand. It’s one thing to put together a recap video and another to carry out a vision unlike anyone else’s, which is just what Uzi and Illroots did here. One of the standout moments comes at the end during a one-on-one interview with Travis. Uzi tells him: “Say something to your fans that are trying to do something creative. Give them some advice.”

Travis replies: “Never stop what you’re doing. If a motherfucker tells you you’re not tight, fuck them. Always be next level and take a chance on whatever you got going on. Because I took a chance I’m in Osaka and Tokyo. Trust me. You can do it. Straight up. No fear.”

Watch the documentary above, and stay tuned for more.


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