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[VIDEO]: GoldLink – The God Complex Release Show + “Wassup”

It’s always inspiring to see a city rally around one of its own up-and-coming artists. GoldLink made a hell of a splash with his debut project, The God Complex, earlier this month, and with it proved he’s more than deserving of all the attention he’s been getting of late.

Still, real life support doesn’t always match internet love. Upon seeing this footage from GoldLink’s release show at Washington DC’s U Street Music Hall, though, it’s clear he’s got equal amounts of both. It looks like the whole city came out for the Virginia native’s headliner, and better yet, it looks like they enjoyed every minute of it.

I had the pleasure of seeing GoldLink live at SXSW, and I’m sure you’ll have the opportunity to do so soon too. Watch the video above, and if you haven’t heard his latest track – the phenomenal Sango-produced “Wassup” – stream that below.


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