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[VIDEO]: Allan Kingdom – Evergreens (Teaser)

I was playing Allan Kingdom‘s music for someone fairly important last week and prefaced the Talk To Strangers listening session with: “You know what it sounds like? It sounds like he was in the middle of the woods when he made it. Like isolated in his room with nothing but recording equipment and a huge window through which you can see nothing but treetops and a bright moon perched high in the night sky.”

I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone but me. One thing is for sure though – Allan is a special artist, and it’s really difficult to compare him to anyone out right now. He’s a 20-year-old rapper/producer hailing from Minnesota (which inspired the aforementioned description), and he’s got an unmistakable voice – both in terms of its sound and its sincerity and depth. Tebs and the No Fillers mafia put me onto Talk To Strangers a while back, and it quickly became one of my favorite and most played projects in my extensive iTunes library.

Today, Allan dropped a video trailer for one of his upcoming singles called “Evergreens,” and the fact that it sort of ties in with my description of his music made me feel moderately validated. There’s no set release date for the complete visual, but it was revealed that the track was co-produced by Plain Pat (of Kid Cudi, Drake and Kanye West fame) who’s been working with Allan extensively. The teaser is just 23 seconds long but looks and sounds brilliant; not to mention, it looks like something no artist in hip-hop is making right now, which in and of itself is a feat.

In addition to the video, Allan also dropped a remix to Shy Girls’ “Still Not Falling” on Complex earlier today. Stream that below, and stay tuned for much more.


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