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[New Music]: Saba – 401K


Coming off his excellent video for “Secondhand Smoke,” rising Chicago emcee Saba returns with “401K,” the second single off his forthcoming #ComfortZone mixtape.

Saba’s latest is brooding, powerful and fueled by frustration. “401K” catches him in the midst of a tumultuous internal battle between what he knows to be right and what he knows to be wrong, arriving at the realization that he may be forced to turn to the latter for the sake of survival and sanity. Lines like, “Trade a W9 for a nine millimeter” and “Trade a 401K for an AK and bet I’m not hungry the next day” bring the struggle to light in a striking manner, and the visceral Born Ready Productions instrumental only adds to the intensity.

Saba gets particularly reflective around the two minute mark, channeling a Control System Ab-Soul-esque delivery while revealing his innermost fears and vulnerability before breaking back into his confident, chanting flow to close out the record. Stream “401K” below, and be on the lookout for information regarding the release of #ComfortZone, which should be out sometime this spring.


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