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[New Music]: Well$ – Dreams of an Insomniac


I introduced Well$ in late February when the Charlotte native dropped the excellent video for “Savoir-Faire.” After making a splash with “Lil Tommy” earlier this month, Well$ returns with perhaps his best track yet, a cut called “Dreams of an Insomniac” premiered by Complex moments ago.

Put simply, I’m a fan of music that comes from the heart, and “Dreams of an Insomniac” is such a clear example of just that. Backed by a smooth, reflective Atu instrumental, the newly released single gives listeners an inside look into Well$’s journey, one that has understandably included many sleepless nights. The track feels like Comeback Season Drake in the sense that Well$ is on the brink of something special, and he’s astutely aware of it. Even if that something special turns out to just be a successful mixtape release that generates conversation and takes him one step further… it’s something. And it will bring change, but with “Dreams of an Insomniac,” it appears Well$ is ready for whatever highs and lows change may bring. He addresses his fears, the importance of persistence and the idea that with progress, one has to leave certain things (which often includes friends) behind.

Stream the introspective cut below. It will appear on his upcoming project, MTSYD: The Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher, which drops April 28th.

“It’s that pressure, but I’m silent like them steel pipes, still screaming that real until these niggas crush my windpipe, painting a perfect picture how I’m tired of being broke, I need that bread, I need that bread, I’m just tired of using this hope…”


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