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[VIDEO]: Lil B – Gotta Make The NBA

Lil B pushes the outstanding Hoop Life campaign forward with “Gotta Make The NBA,” a remarkably inspirational video detailing his pursuit of NBA dreams. The Based God battles through injury, intense workout sessions and an emotional conversation with the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, who explains to B that he must win 50 of 100 games in order to have a shot at playing in the pros. Though we’re not sure exactly what that means, we have faith that Brandon can do it.

Watch the video above, and read a snippet of Lil B’s exchange with the Grizzlies’ owner, which makes up a good percentage of the second verse of “Gotta Make The NBA.” Stay tuned for more.

“I just left the gym, it was a late night, the owner of the Grizzlies was walking outside, I got a little courage walked over to him right? I told him that I ball, and I said that I’m nice, he said you aight but you need to get better, I said what’s wrong? He said you need to step up defense and really be a leader on the court…”


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