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[New Music]: Bauce Sauce – We Made It (Remix)


In the early hours of this morning, the self-proclaimed and uncontested King of Content – one Bauce Sauce – unleashed a triumphant “We Made It” remix unto the interwebs.

This is quite obviously far more #important than the Jay-Z/Jay Electronica rendition as well as all parts of the original but Soulja Boy’s now iconic line, “Damn, Soulja Boy stunt on them haters.” Bauce Sauce, a South Carolina native and dad of one commonly seen on Noisey/Complex/Myspace/Four Pins bylines, absolutely rips this beat to shreds, going in for nearly six minutes about how he is unquestionably the most #important content creator of our time.

Not only does he pay homage to The Sustache™, but he begins the track with perhaps the greatest opening bars of the decade to date: “She said she work at the theater not on the stage at the box office, the box was so good it makes sense why you work at the box office.” We are in the presence of a legend and must appreciate his genius.

Please listen below. I implore you.


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