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[New Music]: Kevin Abstract – Save


Kevin Abstract is relatively new to the game. He’s been releasing music for a couple of years, but he’s still just 17, and his maturation as an artist is increasingly palpable with each new release. Tonight, he drops the Romil-produced “Save,” his most thorough and impressive single to date.

Representing the burgeoning Alive Since Forever collective, Abstract uses “Save” as a teaser for his upcoming album (expected this summer) as well as a reminder to listeners that he isn’t just interested in making music to tell his own story – he wants to be a voice for all those who need one in their lives. He drowns himself in the immersive instrumental and explores the depths of his own sense of loneliness and confusion, feelings that so many young adults have experienced and will continue to forever. As he explains on Rap Genius, “At 17 years old I am extremely lost as a human. You know, the whole balance of good vs. bad. Right vs. wrong. I am still searching and I am sure there are a whole lot of other kids out there as well in the same situation as me. Keep fightin.'”

There’s something about ASF that has reminded me of Odd Future since I first caught onto the wave. The group element is obvious, but it’s deeper than that. There’s something revolutionary brewing here, and in a sense, I see Abstract as a mirror image of Tyler. He’s not blatantly disrespectful, his attitude isn’t absurd and abrasive, but his voice is powerful and well-articulated to the point where one day, he could truly speak for a generation – or at the very least, a large sub-section of one – much like Tyler has with a certain revolutionary spirit of his own. “Save” is excellent, and the production – which began as a remix of King Krule’s “The Krockadile” – is not to be overlooked.

Stream and download the track below, and stay tuned for more.


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