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[VIDEO]: Ishmael Raps – Modern Monk

Rochester native Ishamel Raps returns with a new, entirely self-produced video for “Modern Monk,” the latest release en route to his upcoming project, GALLERY.

Backed by a subtle, slow-rolling Tony Clef instrumental, “Modern Monk” comes from a place of frustration. Ishmael is an 18-year-old emcee who’s learning more about himself and the world around him every day, and as we have all experienced, the ride isn’t always smooth. His insight is clear and astute, though, one of my favorite lines being: “Strugglin’ jugglin’ happiness and dreams, what you mean? I thought happiness was dreams, it ain’t exactly what it seems…”

Ishmael’s delivery is patient, controlled and builds slowly to a climax towards the track’s conclusion. The video was directed, shot and edited entirely by himself, so even if the song doesn’t catch you, that should. Watch above, and stay tuned for more including GALLERY release details.



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