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[New Music]: Hurt Everybody – Infinite Psyduck


These guys make so much dope music at such a fast rate that I really wasn’t sure where or when to start. I listened to “Infinite Psyduck” last night, though, and I think now’s the right time.

Hurt Everybody is a newly formed trio out of Chicago that is essentially operating by no one’s rules but their own. The group is made up of emcees Supa Bwe and Carl, and producer Mulatto Beats. You can call what they do hip-hop, but you’d be putting a label on something that doesn’t deserve to be labeled. Scroll through their Soundcloud for a few minutes and you’ll see what I mean. The music is largely formless, even seemingly random at times, but it’s next level… and there isn’t a box in existence that it fits inside.

I could go on, but Closed Sessions already did. Read Hurt Everybody’s brand new exclusive interview with the Chicago-based indie label/publication HERE to find out everything you need to know.

As for “Infinite Psyduck” – that’s the name of the trio’s latest release that they uploaded last night. Produced by Khalfani this time, the track is bold and eerie with a chanting hook and freeform, filtered verses from Carl and Supa that will have you in a trance that you don’t feel any desire to shake out of. It’s certainly weird, but that’s what’s so great about it. I can’t go anywhere else on the internet and hear a track like “Infinite Psyduck.” And given the overwhelming volume of content that exists, that’s saying something… right?

Listen for yourself below. If you’re in Chicago next Thursday (4/3), catch Hurt Everybody live with Michael Christmas at Smart Bar. Details HERE.


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