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[New Music]: Asher Roth ft. Vic Mensa – Fast Life

This is a great record. I breezed over this a few times, but finally just sat down to listen, and I’m glad I did.

There are two parts to Asher Roth‘s “Fast Life.” Above is a viral video that’s a mere skeleton of the song, but an essential viewing experience nonetheless. Asher ventures outside onto the city streets with a “magical box” filled with strips of paper, each of them containing a handwritten messages. Unbeknownst to passersby, all of the messages are the same: “We are very lucky.” It’s subtle and poignant, and the reveal that starts occurring about halfway through the video is truly heartwarming.

As Asher says, “Nobody really knows what’s in here. It comes down to, who are you? Because you choose the message. If you’re not ready for the message, you’re not going to choose it.”

Below is the full track featuring buzzing Chicago spitter Vic Mensa, which will appear on Asher’s forthcoming sophomore album, RetroHash. The record is produced by Blended Babies, and it’s special because it feels like this is the exact music Asher wants and needs to be making. Truly refreshing.

The album drops April 22nd and features Curren$y, Chuck Inglish and more. Stay tuned.


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