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[New Music]: Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch)


Chance just made a concise and powerful statement: “I gotta home studio. who gon stop me.”

Over the course of the past year, the 20-year-old, Chicago-bred phenom has made it crystal clear that his vision for his career trajectory goes far beyond himself. Chance isn’t just an elite emcee… he’s an elite emcee with a band. A really good band. It’s called The Social Experiment (Sox) (which – allegedly – is also the title of his/their forthcoming project), and it’s comprised of Peter Cottontale, Nate Fox, Nico Segal, Stix, and of course, himself. Their talent is immense, and it’s appearing clearer every day that their dedication to Sox is no less staggering.

Anyway, in preparation for a summer full of festivals, the squad delivered a new song tonight, aptly titled “Home Studio.” Just a few minutes ago, Chance tweeted “I gotta home studio. who gon stop me. tweet #homestudio and i promise a new song. im back up in dis bitch.” Unsurprisingly, his fast-growing fan base obliged, and Chance followed through, tossing the link (below) on Twitter with the caption “No vocal mix no structure u can’t stop me.”

The record is raw – sure – but it’s authentic, and the energy is beautiful. Chance truly is having fun with it, and now that he’s got a home studio set up in LA with a band of (spectacularly talented) brothers committed to a cause that is The Social Experiment… who’s gon’ stop him, huh? “Young black boy, how he got the labels scared? A&Rs like Chano you ain’t playin’ fair…”

Stream the unapologetically groovy “Home Studio” below, and stay tuned for much more.


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