[New Music] Mapei ft. Chance The Rapper – “Don’t Wait” (Remix)


“Meet Mapei, The Singer Out To Reinvent Modern Soul”. That was my first introduction to Mapei, a Buzzfeed interview with the Swedish singer-songwriter, and former rapper.

Active since before 2009, Mapei’s artistic development has seen it’s turns. As I mentioned above, the 29-year-old used was a rapper earlier in her career – that’s actually how she met Magnus Lidehall, the producer behind her re-introductory single, “Don’t Wait”. Before “Don’t Wait” first released back in October  2013, you won’t find much from Mapei if you Google her name, but whatever you find makes it evident that she had an early footing in electronic music (fun fact: she completely scrapped an album recorded with globally-recognized French EDM duo, Justice).

Born in Rhode Island, Mapei has not only spent time in Sweden (living there on and off since she was 10 years old); she’s also had extended visits in Brazil, Tunisia and Portugal. Bilingual in English and Swedish, and still spending time between the US and Europe, Mapei is undoubtedly global. From the first time hearing “Don’t Wait” in it’s original form, I felt this was a production that carries a very global sound.

During my midnight music discovery journey last night, I caught wind of the “Don’t Wait” (Remix) featuring everyone’s favorite rapper right now: Chance, The Rapper. The stand-out Chicago star adds another one to his always-growing list of incredible verses. Mapei’s intention with “Don’t Wait” was to speak to those who are close to her and support her, and Chance The Rapper rides this theme flawlessly while speaking to the muse that awaits him in his hometown of Chicago. With him having recently moved to Los Angeles, the distance has made their relationship grow harder, and Chance finds himself struggling with “the vulnerability of love – running towards it and away from it all the time” (via RapGenius).

Stream the “Don’t Wait” remix down below, and play it back a couple of times while reading the RapGenius lyrics on this beautiful Tuesday.


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