[New Music] Maamba ft. Natural – “Piyo Poyo”


During a recent Sunday Service at The Beacon Hill Pub in Boston, with Natural behind the bar, he hinted at an “electronic collaboration” coming up sometime this week, before he embarks to SXSW. Fast forward to this morning and in my Direct Messages sat “Piyo Poyo”, the Eric Gunther produced song which has been officially released under Maamba – the official alias for the producer & singer duo made up of Eric and Carmen O’Connor, both local artists from Boston.

The title “Piyo Poyo” comes directly from an old-age Latin American nursery rhyme, “Los Pollitos Dicen” (translated as: “The Little Chicken Say”). Immediately, after Carmen’s verse begins, you can tell the “pollitos” in this conversation the kind of women (or men) that will entice you to treat her like a goddess, and one that convinces you to burn holes through your pocket. In other words, a “chickenhead”.

I must admit, this is a sound I never expected Natural to flow over, but he holds his own over Eric Gunther’s production, which features dubstep-infused electronic elements and carries a certain bounce. In his naturally collected demeanor, Nat recounts his personal experience with some “pollitos” in his life. An all around great collaboration on all ends, “Piyo Poyo” is worth a spin.


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