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[TFH Exclusive]: Lost Files from SXSW 2013 ft. Future and Earl Sweatshirt

So I spent a good chunk of this week mentally preparing myself for my second ever trip to Austin, TX for SXSW. Naturally, part of the preparation involved going through all of last year’s content, much of which was on a hard drive that I hadn’t touched in months. Turns out the hard drive contained some extremely rare footage that we never got around to editing or releasing for whatever reason.

But alas, better late than never remains the anthem. Below are two videos containing footage from Fader Fort – which was THE spot last year and looks like it could be the same situation this year (don’t miss Young Thug on Friday) – one of Earl and Captain Murphy performing “Between Friends” and the other a medley of songs performed by the one and only Future Hendrix.

Enjoy the videos, and stay tuned for more. I have a short preview piece dropping tomorrow, and we’re going to kill it with coverage this whole week.

Shot by Tim and Goodwin


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