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[MIXTAPE]: 100s – IVRY


Here’s a brand new eight-track EP from Berkeley emcee 100s called IVRY, which we prefaced a few days ago with “Ten Freaky Hoes.”

First off, the cover art is downright majestic. Fool’s Gold – the label 100s calls home – claims that the 21-year-old is “bringing West Coast rap back to the future,” and before we’re even able to get into the music, the artwork alone gives the statement validity. Diving into the tape, though, it’s clear from the jump that 100s isn’t just interested in delivering quality music – he wants listeners fully immersed in his funky, jazzified world. IVRY is a fascinating blending of eras, classic mack vibes paired with raw raps and a new school flair, and with it, 100s continues barreling down a lane that seems to be all his own.

Stream in its entirety below, and stay tuned for more. If you’re in Austin next week, catch him at Fader Fort on Thursday (details HERE).



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