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[VIDEO]: ShowYouSuck – Make-Out King

ShowYouSuck is without a doubt one of the most colorful emcees rising out of Chicago’s brimming hip-hop scene. For starters, he’s never typed a lowercase letter on Twitter. Whether his Caps Lock button is stuck down or he’s just genuinely so excited about life that he’s inclined to shout each tweet, Show certainly stands out. His excitability doesn’t just live on the internet, though. After seeing the Closed Sessions signee perform alongside the Cool Kids, Chance The Rapper and more at SXSW last year, it became clear he has one of the most energetic live sets in hip-hop too.

Accordingly, when someone like ShowYouSuck drops a video like this new one for “Make-Out King,” it makes perfect sense. Envisioned by Show and executed in full by Maxim Northover, the entirely claymation video centers on a skeleton protagonist who sets off to live out the Friday night of his wildest imagination. He’s a particularly engaging character, and the vibrant colors and palm tree lined streets create the ideal setting for the song, which is powered by triumphant Javelin & The Hood Internet production with a wholly ’80s vibe.

Watch the video above, and grab Show’s six-track Dude Bro EP to add this cut and others to your iTunes library. Shouts to Mass Appeal for the premiere.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.06.24 PM


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