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[VIDEO]: Via Rosa ft. Jean Deaux – Magician

This is my first time hearing of Via Rosa, but given the history that both Jean Deaux and THEMpeople have of turning everything they touch to gold, I tuned in immediately when I stumbled across “Magician.”

There are a number of elements that make this song incredibly addicting, but perhaps the most alluring factor is the way Via and Jean’s respective styles and approaches to songwriting complement each other so interestingly. Where Via harmonizes and floats lightly over the hazy instrumental, Jean delivers her verse with a flatter, almost apathetic tone, allowing listeners to dissect her every word as she so beautifully paints a picture of love found and lost. The video’s setting combined with quality acting brings the mood of the record to life, and the air of mystique remains thick all the way through.

Watch the Nicole Otero-directed “Magician” above, and stay tuned for more.


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