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[New Music]: Vic Mensa – Feel That


It’s been a few months since the release of the release of his highly touted INNANETAPE, and tonight Vic Mensa returns with new music in the form of a banger from left field called “Feel That.”

The Smoko Ono-produced cut is a different flavor from what we’re used to from the rising Chicago emcee, but regardless, he executes flawlessly. One of Vic’s biggest obstacles as of late has been separating himself from his brother-in-SaveMoney Chance The Rapper – at least to a percentage of the general public – but this joint merits no comparison. Vic’s slurred delivery is unapologetically cool, and his controlled inflections throughout the track (most noticeably on the hook) are impeccably executed. Not to mention, basically every bar is a quotable.

This song is a hit. That’s all there is to it. Stream and download “Feel That” below.

“Juicy J better be on the remix. I hope you write that. Because Juicy J needs to be on the remix.”Goodwin


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