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[VIDEO]: Well$ – Savoir-Faire

I’ll never get tired of introducing new artists. Making his Fresh Heir debut today is Charlotte native emcee Well$ with a new video for “Savoir-Faire” that I stumbled across on Noisey earlier. I had never heard of Well$ before, but these days I give any Noisey premiere an extra look, and today I’m glad I did.

The grimy BL∆CK HE∆RTS CLUB instrumental grabbed my attention from the jump, and it became clear a few seconds later that Well$ knows what he’s doing with the rhymes too. He attacks the track with a confident delivery and a slew of hard-hitting bars, one of the standouts being: “inquisitive adolescents why they hold my tongue, Patrice Lamumba was merked nobody heard that gun.” The record is multi-dimensional – it’s gritty and inquisitive at the same time, and Well$ personality shines both sonically and visually. The Shak Oteka-directed clip is fittingly free-form and washed out, matching the vibe of the track with precision, and the shots of Well$’s grandma beside him with 3s on her feet aren’t going to leave your mind anytime soon.

It’s hard to create memorable product in 2014, especially when you’re relatively unestablished. With “Savoir-Faire” though, Well$ delivered something that has me anticipating whatever’s next – and I know I’m not the only one. Stay tuned for more, his MTYSD: Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher project is one the way.


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