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[VIDEO]: Lucki Eck$ – Boomin’

Lucki Eck$ is about to take off. The 17-year-old Chicago native dropped one of the best tapes of 2013 in Alternative Trap, and after supporting the project with a handful of visuals, he’s now on to bigger and better things.

“Boomin'” is yet another impeccable collaboration with go-to producer Plu2o Nash and a thematic continuation of what he delivered with his debut mixtape. Directed by Jimmy Regular, the video finds Lucki floating through the dreamily florescent streets of Chi with the trap phone to his ear the whole way through. Lyrically, Lucki continues to prove himself as an elite emcee, lacing his vivid bars about selling drugs with witty references and sharp plays on words, creating an effect that trips up casual listeners in the best way possible. It’s like reading a “choose your own adventure” book – you can be astutely aware of the content or be oblivious to it simply by succumbing to the intricacies of the rhymes or losing yourself in the atmospheric vibe of the record.

Lucki is building an impressive following by delivering a unique flavor with consistency – something that’s rare in hip-hop today. And if you already picked up on that, don’t think you were the only one. He was in the studio with Danny Brown last week. Big things are in the works. Stay tuned.

“Business goin’ boom… boom… boom…”


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