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[VIDEO]: Doppelgangaz – KnowntchooTahLie

The Doppelgangaz are dropping their new album, Peace Kehd, next Tuesday (2/18). Earlier today, they unveiled a new video for the project’s latest single, “KnowntchooTahLie.”

The Jermarcus Peppercorn-directed visuals find the duo in a warehouse with a gang of affiliates turning up to the gritty, high-energy record. Prominently displayed throughout are Matter Ov Fact and EP’s black cloaks, symbolic of their DIY approach and their focus on being as self-contained as possible. They’ve been running their own ship for years now and have garnered a dedicated, cult fan base through their independent efforts. It looks like that trend is set to continue for years to come.

Stream Peace Kehd in its entirety below, and pre-order via iTunes HERE.

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