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[New Music]: HiFadility – Say Love

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One of my favorite musicians, the Boston-based beatmaker HiFadility, returns to the limelight with “Say Love,” a poignant four-minute instrumental built on the multi-dimensional idea of love. It’s an impeccable blend of soul and trap, which is unsurprising if you’re even the least bit familiar with his eclectic (and extensive) catalogue.

This is the type of music that catches you right when you need it most – it’s introspective, meditative and downright entrancing. It takes you to places you haven’t been in years and others that you’ve only visited in your dreams. The overarching message behind this piece, though, is that the pursuit of love – like so many things in life – has the potential to yield division as opposed to harmony, regardless of the original intention. The juxtaposition of various elements of the instrumental represent that often internal struggle and remind listeners that with a bit of reflection – perhaps to the soundtrack of “Say Love” – we have the power to re-adjust any misdirection and proceed on a path toward harmony every day.

Stream “Say Love” after the jump, and stay tuned for more.

Love has forever been an interesting concept.
In what ways has the want of love created conflict and division? Could it be said that certain creations actually have a detrimental impact on love and harmony? How do we identify these things—those of which, present positive outlooks on love and relationships, and others that simply destroy love. Which one are you— a promoter of love and harmony or a destroyer of these things? – HiFadility


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