Introducing: Wet


Kelly Zutrau (left) + Joe Valle (center) + Marty Sulkow (right) = Wet, and you can find them on most days around New York City. Or, on www.kanyewet.biz and @_kanyewet.

“People just want to feel like you’re giving them something. Here’s a part of me that’s a secret, I’m opening up to you. That’s what everyone wants.” – Gen F: Wet

That’s Kelly, the vocalist from Wet, talking to The Fader about the sound the three-piece band has taken years to create, and are now sharing with the world. Kelly, Joe (percussion) and Marty (guitarist) all hail from Massachussetts originally, and met during their college years in New York.

Since first coming across their Soundcloud page, I’ve become enthralled in the sound they are creating, one that feels like ambient pop, combining R&B with electronic elements so flawlessly, while layered under some very emotional vocals and crafty songwriting. Their four-track, self-titled debut released four months ago on their Soundcloud and has garnered almost a million plays collectively – putting Wet in “Best of 2013” conversations, as well as label offices, and major venues.

Immediately after pressing play on the Wet EP, the group enters with a bang on “Dreams”, and Kelly Zutrau’s vocals begin to take control of the listener, accompanied by minimalist production – production which allows the vocals space when there is space needed for emotional emphasis, while also filling the airspace with percussive and string elements that blend to create an all around airy feel. With Wet, the band has mastered the process of removal:

“We took out anything that didn’t need to be there and tried to pack a punch with as little as possible.” – Refinery29

The songwriting behind Wet is very real and relatable, and their song placement plays an important role in the overall storytelling and emotional attachment from the listener. At just 13 minutes and 8 seconds, the debut EP tells the story of a break-up that each member of the group experienced together while living under the same roof in their Brooklyn brownstone. Since moving back together and dedicating themselves fully to their craft (all three members have quit their jobs this winter), the band has seen more and more opportunities presenting themselves.


Though I have not experienced Wet’s live performance yet, it is evident that they are interested in perfecting this element of their artistry. Their Wet EP garnered them enough attention around CMJ that they were invited to perform at four different shows, while filling venues around New York City on bills with the likes of Ryan Hemsworth and Cashmere Cat during this winter. Here’s Marty talking about the creation of their live set:

“It’s been fun for us to realize that the live show can be, and will be, very different from the recordings. That gives us room to play around and make choices in terms of what feels good. It’s like solving a puzzle. We’re still working on it — it’s not there yet — but it’s come a long way.” – Refinery29

Wet’s original sound is captivating, and the emotional input from each member truly draws the listener in. I believe their ability to create music that can move people and drive us to feel will play a pivotal role in their success as they continue to garner momentum at a time when electronic blends of sultry vocals and rhythmic elements are becoming more popular than ever. I encourage you to take a step back from your day and tune into Wet’s short debut, available below via their Soundcloud page. Your best pair of headphones are highly recommended for this listen.


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