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Green Street and “The Will To Win”


Green Street is a hip-hop trio made up of emcees A-Live and Soupa, and producer Renaissance. With roots in Boston, Green Street’s music has reached farther than just the Northeast and Tristate area, and they have inspired many go-getters to continue on their individual journeys toward success. I’ve been following Green Street for some time now, first interviewing them back in 2011, and I appreciate each of their dedication to the music – even in the face of adversity.

During the winter of 2012, two of Green Street’s members were diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses, and their future in music looked bleak. Throughout his whole life, A-Live has dealt with kidney failure, but October of 2012 brought him unfortunate news when he was put on dialysis as his family searched for a kidney donor in Boston. Renaissance, who had just returned from journeys abroad in Haiti and Brazil was facing his own struggles with health – doctors had discovered a golf-ball-sized tumor in his right lung that required immediate surgery. To quote Revolt:

“So as Max battled cancer and Ani fought severe kidney failure from a very rare blood disease, conversations about their futures shifted from how many hours they’d book in the studio to how many hours they had to live.”

Fast forward to January 29th, 2014: A-Live and Renaissance are healthy and Green Street is gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album, The Will To Win. Both Ani and Ren have been blessed with a fresh chance at life, thanks to the care of doctors and physicians from some of Boston’s strongest health institutes, and the support of their friends, families and supporters. Through all of this struggle, and uncertainty in their own lives, the members of Green Street continued to create music and are now gearing up to release an album that was built from the desperation suffered through 2013; an album coming from the heart of two emcees and a producer – artists who have never stopped pushing each other since they first linked up in 2005. 

Their latest single features one of my favorite Brooklynites – ScienZe – over some smooth, horn-infused production by Renaissance. Consistent with their message, “Fresh Heir” encourages hard work, dedication and perseverance when it comes to your vision. With these traits intact, your inheritance will come, and it will be plentiful. Do you have The Will To Win?



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