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[New Music]: Curren$y ft. Action Bronson – God Father 4


Cinematically brilliant, “God Father 4” paints a rainy, downtrodden picture composed of melancholic strings, dramatic drum rolls and the narratives of mobsters Curren$y and Action Bronson. Interruptive horns signal a tussle between triumph and foreseeable tension; a small addition that showcases the directorial talents of producer Nesby Phips.

Spitta Andretti weaves a strikingly detailed story over the course of his verse, followed by the familiar yet effective imagery and language of Bronson–Billy Crystal kisses his cheek not long after he enjoyed a hearty bowl of spaghetti, evoking the idea of an Italian mafioso eating in a dimly lit kitchen before entering the faux glamour of an external world. Fittingly, “God Father 4” will find itself on Curren$y’s upcoming project, The Drive In Theatre. Listen to the collaborative track below.


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