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[VIDEO]: Anyextee – Executive Decisions

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Anyextee for a couple years now. I’ve known DJ Next, Amalgam Digital CEO Next Anyextee, filmmaker Pharoah Next, and now… Anyextee, the emcee.

The lead single, produced by !llmind with an accompanying set of visuals directed by Seba Films, comes just a few days after Next unleashed the official album trailer. The labelhead recently hit Hawaii and extended his stay to concept, write and record his debut album. It’s a move that seems straight out of left field, but for anyone who’s had a conversation with Next, it’s really not that surprising at all. This guy lives life to the fullest, and I anticipate his response to any critics might be, “Well, when’s the last time you tried something new?”

Executive Decisions is expected to drop soon and is being pushed as a project that will enlighten listeners and provide insight into the music business from the perspective of someone who’s experienced it from a number of different standpoints. Watch the video above, and stay tuned for more.


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