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[VIDEO]: Lil Bibby Interview + Freestyle on Sway In The Morning

Chicago’s Lil Bibby dropped by Sway In The Morning yesterday for a powerful, revealing interview and a quick acapella freestyle.

The 19-year-old shines light on what’s like growing up in Chicago, from the violence to the hustle to the general outlook on life and everything in between. Bibby’s reserved yet infectious personality is remarkably sincere – though the interview is lengthy, it’s hard to look away. He’s uncomfortable discussing the details of his personal struggles, particularly when Sway asks him if he feels his life is at risk on any given day, but he answers each question genuinely and exposes truths that need to be heard by the masses.

Watch above, and download Bibby’s Free Crack if you’ve yet to do so. “Water” is one of my favorite tracks in recent memory.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 9.26.01 PM


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