[New Music] Mick Jenkins – “Leonidas”


Last time Mick Jenkins was featured on The Fresh Heir he was accompanied by Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa on an OnGaud production titled Crossroads.

Since then, the Chicago emcee has continued to display a ferocious lyrical talent and awareness, especially with a song like Martyr, which clearly highlights the current status of the youth in Chicago (a city whose battle with high crime rates is resurfacing on a national level on news outlets).

His latest release, “Leonidas”, is the third single from his upcoming project which is titled The Water[s] and set to release in February. I have no doubt Mick Jenkins is following his Trees and Truths debut with a very strong and cohesive offering.

On “Leonidas”, Mick relates himself to the celebrated Spartan soldier, and King, who fought the Persians along his army of 300 loyal soldiersBoth of Mick’s verses serve as a reminder to listeners of his talents, as well as an eye-opening introduction to Mick for those who haven’t discovered him yet; the bridge is a reminder to the support team that he keeps around him:

“Fam, you know you my mans, one hundred grand / If I get a half a mil, you got a hundred grand.” 


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