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[New Music]: Alex Wiley & Kembe X – Know Normal


Original post via STASHED

When Alex Wiley and Kembe X first burst onto the scene in early 2012, it was hard to come across a sentence in which one Chicago emcee was mentioned without the other. The two came up together, made significant amounts of music together, and two years later – after working individually to carve their own respective lanes – are taking major steps in their careers together.

Today, Wiley and Kembe reconnect on “Know Normal,” their first collaborative track since the Club Wiley cut, “Midnight To Morning.” The pair convened at the well-known SoundScape Studio yesterday with the goal of dropping some new music in anticipation for Wiley’s headlining show at Reggie’s this Saturday. The result (below) is an impressive, high-energy track highlighting not just two of Chicago’s most talented up-and-comers, but more so their ability to mesh their evolving styles just as effectively as ever. The growth is evident, and it seems it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

Stream “Know Normal” after the jump, and stay tuned for more.


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