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[New Music]: Alex Wiley Drops Four Unreleased Tracks

wiley_0471-620x400It’s been a long time coming since Alex Wiley unveiled some new music for the world to enjoy (we must travel back to the summer of last year, when his impressive free album Club Wiley dropped), but a Fall ’13-released, three-part video series got the ball rolling again and the Chicagoan is back with four  songs to start 2014 off right.

The four tracks, though not meant to be perceived as a new EP, all occupy a similar artistic vein. “You’re Welcome”, perhaps the song most easily likened to Club Wiley‘s material and my personal favorite, contains an ascending intro segment that sets the stage for Wiley’s raps and melodic vocals before a dub-step break takes over the beat (original production courtesy of Odd Couple).

Also included in this new batch are “Make’em Say Uhh”, “The Truth” (a dark, catchy track that Eminem might enjoy rapping over circa 2002, also produced by Odd Couple)  and “Better” (a chorus-heavy song produced by Chase Moore). Stream that new Wiley below.


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