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[VIDEO]: Dom McLennon – Night Time

I saw someone tweet something a couple weeks ago about not caring about any video that’s not available in at least 720p on YouTube. I’ll let them sleep soundly while I indulge in this outstanding piece of work.

Dom McLennon‘s “Night Time,” a cut off his Thesis project (due out tomorrow), intentionally tops out at 480p and is a tour de force in creativity. It’s one of the most unique visuals I’ve seen this year. The only realistic comparison I can draw to Dom’s Alive Since Forever crew is Odd Future, though that would lie more in the group’s willingness to pursue the road less traveled and give little to no fucks what anyone has to say about the choice because the artistry speaks for itself. What these guys are doing (Kevin Abstract appears in here as well) is unquestioningly their own – the authenticity emitted in this seven minute journey bounds out of the screen, immersing viewers to the point where one run through the video will simply not suffice. “Night Time” is excessively eery and equally mysterious, living up to both the title of the track and Dom’s ongoing rollout plan leading up to the release of the tape.

There are too many quotables in here to keep count, and it didn’t take me hearing anything more than the opening line to know what to expect the rest of the way: “I wrote this record while i was looking out to the sky, wondering how the world could leave me so starry-eyed…”

Isolate yourself, watch the video… watch it again if need be, and stay tuned for more. Thesis arrives tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 9.12.24 PM


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