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[VIDEO] Chance the Rapper Performs Chain Smoker, Talks Chicago on Arsenio Hall Show

Chance Arsenio Hall

Chance the Rapper can check off yet another box on his list of goals: the young star made his Late Night debut on The Arsenio Hall Show and absolutely killed it in the process. Aside from  performing fan-favorite Acid Rap track “Chain Smoker”, Chance sat down with Arsenio to discuss, among other things, violence in Chicago.

During the performance itself Chance held nothing back, often singing in a very solid falsetto while packing his distinguished energy into each and every bar. Not one to shy away from his abilities, he pulled off quite a few charismatic dance moves as well.

His appearance grew a bit more serious when the topic of violence in Chicago arose. In what might be remembered as an impactful moment, Chance called for peace, positivity and the end of gang hostility. He also suggested a “rapper union”, one of the more thought-provoking ideas I’ve heard from any artist in a minute. Watch both videos below:


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