[UNRELEASED MIXTAPES] Chance The Rapper – Good Enough and Back To School Pack


Chance The Rapper has had one of the most successful years in hip-hop, without a doubt. The past seven days have solidified that statement – for both Chance and his fans. Not only has he been named Rapper of the Year by SPIN; his Acid Rap mixtape has been mentioned in the Top 5 of many “Project of the Year” conversations, earning the “Mixtape of the Year” spot for Rolling Stones. To add to that, he pushed harder on the pedal of the Acid Rap RV with his recent collaboration on Justin Bieber’s Confident.

Today, members of the ReddIt Hip-Hop Heads (r/HHH) community posted and up-voted two unreleased mixtapes from Chance The Rapper’s pre-#10Day era, and they’re both great listens – especially for those who appreciate Chano’s unique sound. The young Chicago artist has always had talent, as both a singer and a rapper, and this fact is evident after hearing cuts like “Good Enough”, “Kick Back”, and “Nostalgia” – a song which was eventually used on his #10Day mixtape.

Do you remember the day you discovered Kanye West’s Freshman Adjustment mixtapes? That’s kind of how I feel right now. Download both tapes down below, and if you’re out west, check ChanceRaps.com as Chance might be coming through your area this month, on the final leg of his Social Experiment Tour.

Good Enough (click to download)

Back To School Pack (click to download)


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