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[VIDEO]: Scotty ATL – I Could’ve Gave Up

I love this new joint from Scotty ATL. Hip-hop is booming in Georgia’s capital right now, and with that, much of the music can be categorized as falling under the same umbrella. Though a familiar sound is not necessarily a bad thing (particularly in the current Atlanta scene where everything churned out seems to be fire), “I Could’ve Gave Up” is a complete change of pace in the best way possible.

Produced by DJ Mr. Rogers, the heartfelt track features Scotty rhyming over jazzy, horn-sampled production, taking listeners on a ride through the ups and downs of his journey to date. The video serves as a highlight reel of sorts, with director Tommy Nova compiling footage in a time capsule-like manner to provide insight into the life of Scotty ATL.

The record is straightforward and motivational, smooth-sounding with a clear cut message. It’s not every day that a rapper delivers something as transparent and honest as this, and the fact that it’s a track and video you can run back for pure enjoyment without thinking twice makes it even more impactful.

Watch the video above, and stay tuned for more. Scotty’s upcoming Spaghetti Junction project will be released in early 2014.



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