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[VIDEO]: Marrow – Two

Austin Vesely may be the best up-and-coming A&R-videographer in music. The 23-year-old filmmaker – most notable for his work with Chance The Rapper – is back with a new set of visuals of an expectedly impressive, albeit unique flavor.

“Two” is a short film acting as a two-in-one music video, bringing multiple songs off Marrow‘s EP of the same name to life in cinematic fashion. Marrow is a newly formed four-piece band consisting of former Kids These Days members Lane Beckstrom, Liam Cunningham and Macie Stewart in addition to drummer Matt Carroll. I’m a fan of the group’s throwback yet fresh sound, and once again, Vesely proves his uncanny ability to open his audience’s ears to new music through quality work behind the lens and a clear passion collaborating with true talent.

Included in the video are the tracks “She Chose You” and “Mother of Maladies,” in order of appearance. There is minimal flash or frill accompanying either cut, but rather a series of shots creating a telling portrait of the band – where they’re from, their creative inspiration, how they carry themselves, etc. The eight minute video is a journey, and I feel like I know Marrow much better after embarking upon it. I’ll be looking out for more, you should be too.

Watch Marrow’s “Two” at the top of the page, and stay tuned for more as Marrow preps the December 19th release of the EP. And as a bonus, read our exclusive interview with Austin HERE to gain some insight into his world.



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