[VIDEO]: Wara From The NBHD – 98 Rocafella

I first discovered Wara From The NBHD as a T.F.H. reader myself. Back in February, the ATLien released a project titled Ill Street Blues, but it wasn’t until Tim showed me the visuals for Belly – a Childish Major-produced cut from the project – that I began to dig deeper and became a fan.

Since the release of his independent debut earlier this year, Wara has continued to release consistent product and his name has garnered the attention and liking of hip-hop listeners, as well as journalists and a couple executive suits here and there.

His latest release, a music video directed by Wes Sherwin and himself, is the A-side release from a double-sided project which is being produced by 8-Track (a producer from the well regarded Street Executives), and expected out very soon. Having spent the first eight years of his life in Brooklyn, before moving to Atlanta, it is evident that Wara grew up listening to and admiring Jay Z (and the whole Rocafella nation from back in the day). “98 Rocafella” is a head nod to his influences, and also a warning: “It’s the kid that came to take the whole game”.

Watch the visuals for “98 Rocafella” up above, and make sure to check out The Fresh Heir’s exclusive interview with Wara From The NBHD HERE. Catch Wara on Twitter to stay updated with his future releases.


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