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Introducing: Rainy Milo


Written by Guillermo Antonini

Rainy Milo: seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom. She’s got a voice. She’s got a look. And she’s got an ear.

There’s a wave of talented singers currently approaching the forefront of music from my generation, and I love it. Today I came across a name I recognized – Rainy Milo. The UK-based singer recently released a video for a single titled “Rats”. While watching the video, I was reminded of Limey, her debut mixtape which has received a lot of plays through my headphones in the last year. This project not only showcases her beautiful voice, but also a talented ear for production that assists in her vision to not “have just one sound in my music when there’s so many other genres that inspire me.”

Growing up, there’s no doubt that Rainy was heavily influenced by the jazz music that her mother played around the house – all the time – but the seventeen-year-old creative also shows a love and appreciation for hip-hop and cites Kid Cudi & Pharrell as some major influences behind her production choices. She has been actively pursuing a career in music since the age of fourteen, when she first tapped into her talents and started collaborating with local musicians & members of art collectives around her area. In three years, Rainy has released Limey – her debut mixtape (2012); as well as Black & Blonde – her debut EP (2013; unfortunately not available on iTunes in the US).

Check out the “Rats” video down below, and if you’re enjoying her sound, I highly suggest going back to Limey and downloading that project. Choosing to stray away from the label offers she has received, as she thinks it is too early in her career, I have no doubt that Rainy’s name will reach greater acclaim as she continues to develop as an independent musician and eventually crosses over to the United States.

If you’re reading The Fresh Heir from Europe, keep an eye out for Rainy as she’s toured around the continent a bit in 2013. Tour dates can be found on her website.


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