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[New Music]: SXMPLE LIFE – Cry


If you aren’t in the mood for some beautifully emotional Lil B-inspired music on a Friday night, I’m not sure I want to know anything else about you.

SXMPLE LIFE‘s “Cry” is an inspiring, dream-inducing instrumental journey that lasts 3 minutes and 43 seconds, though I’m quite tempted to let it run on repeat for the rest of the evening while I sit alone in my bedroom and wallow in my thoughts.

But in all seriousness… all of that is very serious. Stream and download below. Here’s SXMPLE LIFE’s message to listeners, before you proceed:

Release. Somtimes you just need to let the tears out. TYBG. Much love to Lil B. You inspire me every day. Enjoy this song. It’s raining in Boston right now but the sun will come out again. Bless. Free Downloads.


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