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[New Music]: Jean Deaux – Alone (Prod. by Nico Segal/THEMpeople)


Chicago’s Jean Deaux makes her Fresh Heir debut today with “Alone,” an epic eight-minute cut serving as the first volume of her RAW series leading up to the release of her debut project.

I gotta be honest, I pressed play on this track and fell into some sort of trance within seconds. I know this because I snapped out of it as soon as the music stopped and my mood turned sour immediately. Whatever you want to call this type of music – it feels good. Really good.

The soulful singer/rapper linked with Nico Segal and THEMpeople, who handled the song’s production, and created an effortlessly smooth record – one that highlights her talents in their rawest forms. The formlessness of “Alone” captures the essence of everything Jean seemed to be going for in the recording process, which according to ILLROOTS, invovled no writing, mixing or mastering.

This is a freestyle of sorts, and a beautiful one at that. Her forthcoming project is called Soular System, and after running this track a few times, I’ve decided I need that mixtape yesterday. I think you’ll feel the same way.

Listen below, and stay tuned for more.


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