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[VIDEO]: Kembe X – Rap Game

Kembe X drops off the highly-anticipated video for “Rap Game.”

The Chicago emcee native has been hinting at a set of visuals for the Soundtrack II Armageddon standout for a minute now, and I’m glad to say the anticipation was justified.

I’ve always admired Kembe’s intelligence and insight as an emcee, and in “Rap Game,” he airs out his feelings towards the contradictions and hypocrisy that exist in today’s hip-hop world. He opens, “Rap game full of shit, rap game full of liars, rap game full of cliques, front like they empires..” and from there, spirals into a condemnation of what the game attempts to do to young rappers like himself – namely, trying to fit them into a mold they weren’t meant to fit for the sake of a dollar.

The Endocolor-directed video places Kembe in a fourth dimension of sorts, warning viewers of the real truths from the safety of a television screen. He’s in a birds-eye view position throughout, and he’s comfortable telling it like it is. At the end of the song, however, Kembe succumbs to the pressure and abandons his conscious stance, rapping what “they” want him to rap about: “Busy fuckin’ yo mama ‘nem, it’s plenty sluts in my condominium, many of ’em done swallowin’…”

At this point in the video, the sun in the reflection of his glasses is blocked as the result of an eclipse, and though it peaks back beyond the shadow just before the end, it’s clear that Kembe is satisfied with his position and will continue in the “rap game” despite being aware of the unsettling truths.

I think this is an understated yet extremely well done video complementing a track that deserves more recognition. Check out the lyrics and analysis via Rap Genius below, which serve as an effective tool in breaking down the visual. Stay tuned for more.

Rap Genius Lyrics & Analysis: Kembe X – Rap Game

DOWNLOAD: Kembe X – Soundtrack II Armageddon

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 1.32.34 PM


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