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[Mixtape]: Kidd Upstairs – KVSHMIR


A couple months back, I got put onto an artist/producer out of LA by the name of Kidd Upstairs. I checked out “Amanda Bynes” (watch below), a track/video that I wanted to write off as a gimmick upon seeing the title, but 30 seconds in, I was hooked. This was a song that flipped a pop culture reference into a hit… something thousands have tried to do but failed miserably with. The beat was hot, the video was well done and Kidd looked like a star.

Watch for yourself:

The video hit the 100K view milestone two nights ago, and today, KVSHMIR arrived. Kidd Upstairs has momentum working for him right now, and as a result, I was excited to run through the tape when the homie Max dropped it in my inbox this morning.

The 21-track album, hosted by Sacramento’s DJ Cos The Kid, is a very entertaining listen. The production is cohesive from top to bottom, Kidd’s style is consistent throughout, and there isn’t a track on here that I needed to skip running through it for the first time.

Though the project is lengthy, the quality of music never really dips, and the consistency combined with the high production quality kept me hooked. Kidd delivered nine of the beats himself, and the additional production is handled by Harry Fraud, Kirk Knight, itzSpaceman and more.

If you’re looking for a few standout tracks, try “We Would Sell Some,” “High In Flight” and “Swiss Alps.”

The tape as a whole has a real airy, dreamy feel, and those three joints in particular capture the vibe in a nutshell. It’s no coincidence that those three are all produced by Kidd either. I think the up-and-coming emcee has a great grasp on his sound and his place in the game, and he shines most when he creates his own musical canvases.

I’m excited to see where Kidd Upstairs takes things from here. He proved he’s capable of creating a hit single with “Amanda Bynes,” and now we know he can put together a cohesive project too.

Grab the tape below, and stay tuned for more.



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