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[VIDEO]: Vic Mensa – Hollywood LA

I’m a week late posting one of the best songs and videos of the summer, but I assure you I’ve been pressing the replay button since the day it dropped. Even if this isn’t your first viewing, I’m sure you’re not opposed to watching it again.

Vic Mensa‘s “Hollywood LA” is one of the most impressive visual-track combos I’ve seen in a minute, and as the SaveMoney representer preps the release of INNANETAPE, not much could give him a better push in the right direction than this.

The 20-year-old emcee out of Chicago has been on fire lately, as has seemingly everyone else in Chicago, but this super smooth, jazz-influenced record infused with flawless vocals from Lili K is simply on a whole new level.

The video, shot and edited by Trevor Kane, opens with a helicopter shot painting a portrait of Hollywood, Los Angeles on a summer morning, and with that, Vic begins his day in paradise, enhanced by the presence of a beautiful, weed-rolling woman. The visuals are phenomenal, aptly ambitious to match the undeniably high quality of the song.

Watch the video above, stream and download the track via Soundcloud below, and check the Rap Genius lyrics and analysis as well while you’re at it. Stay tuned for more – INNANETAPE is imminent.

Rap Genius Lyrics & Analysis: Vic Mensa – Hollywood LA



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