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[New Music]: Kami de Chukwu – Won’t Not

Let me get a late pass on this one. SaveMoney representer Kami de Chukwu unleashed this monster of a track last week while I was running around NYC, and though I’m ashamed that the first time I listened to “Won’t Not” was only 20 minutes ago, I’m not ashamed to say I haven’t stopped listening since.

Anyone familiar with the rising wave of talent in Chicago has probably at least heard Kami’s name before, but if not, let this be a very apt introduction. “Won’t Not” was delivered a couple weeks after Kami and Joey Purp announced they were joining forces to form the duo Leather Corduroys. Earlier this year, Joey went in on the same beat in the form of a track called “Don’t Stop,” so I find Kami’s decision to match his partner on the record to be a very appropriate and smart move.

I remember being blown away the first time I heard “Don’t Stop,” and now the same goes for “Won’t Not.” If the 1-2 knockout punch on the same beat doesn’t convince you that these guys are twice as dangerous as a duo, I don’t know what will. However, if you’re not convinced, check out their first track as a duo called “Prophet” below:

Basically, it’s still SaveMoney. Chance The Rapper has officially made it. Vic Mensa is about to make a major splash with INNANETAPE. Leather Corduroys – Kami de Chuwku and Joey Purp – won’t be far behind, if at all. Stay tuned for much more.

Rap Genius Lyrics & Analysis: Kami de Chukwu – Won’t Not



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